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January 06, 2009


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Title: America Inside

If you genetically tested every "white" person in America, you would reveal a truth only the truly self-delusional could deny: we're all black inside.

And even disregarding the at-some-point-or-another African ancestry of everyone on the planet, American has been built, in a large part, by people of African ancestry whether by slavery or institutionalized (indoctrinated?) lower-class status. If the flag is the symbol of our country's greatness, that is due in large part to our African lineage and heritage.

The good news is we are slowly breeding ourselves out of old prejudices. The bad news is we will never breed ourselves out of prejudices - we'll just incorporate new ones to replace the old ones, consciously or not. For instance:

Civil Unions: Separate but Equal.
Segregation: Separate but Equal.

The only thing that separates those two statements is 50 years. I am not comparing the severity of the two situations, only in abstract rights-issue sentiment. Prejudice against subsections of humanity is alive and well, just changing form. It is a societal sickness. A culture sickness. It is taught by parents, consciously or subconsciously.

I always liked to think I was enlightened and beyond race. Then I was robbed at work by people of another race, and for a while it brought out the latent us-vs.-them mentality. It wasn't even a conscious thing - any stranger of that race provoked my fight-or-flight neuro-chemistry, despite 25+ years of not giving a damn previously. I got over it, but it really made me think.

I began to wonder if I was one of those racist, snobby I'm-not-a-racist racist. I think it's something deeper though, a genetic mistrust for difference that both helps and hurts. It guards against danger of the unknown, but at the same time it can punish the unknown or 'different' just for the difference without regard or thought beyond the surface.

I've lived in one of the most miserable places in America (#2 on Forbes' misery index) my entire life, and the *only* time I've had trouble with crime was in nice neighborhoods and at work or school. I've spent plenty of time in not so great and pretty shitty neighborhoods, lived in a few, but never had a car stolen or robbery take place there, despite having the same car most of that time. As long as there are differences, and the vaster they are, the worse things will be. Right now it's gay marriage, terrorism, and illegal immigration. I can't imagine who the domestic bogeymen will be tomorrow, but they will be there.

And they will be there as long as people think they are above thinking that way. We have to realize we are prone to thinking this way, and learn to deal rationally with socially divisive issues, instead of thinking we can just not think that way.

I hope I answered the question, and I hope I'm not being too confusing with my thinking about thinking recursion.


Now. I. See.

Autumn Onley

My 12 year old calls it "The Center of America".

I call it "Furled"

Pamela Jennings

Peep Hole - outside looking in....


Veiled View

Adella Bush

I can see the other side... almost.



Andress Appolon

I like Now. I. See. Go 'head Michael Allen


since this reminds me of one of the still shots from ayo's theatrical production of FoP. the name that comes to mind for this digital painting is the same: flying over purgatory

Dana Offenbach

some name thoughts to share with my talented friend.....

The first is my favorite.

1 - "Rebirth of a Nation"
2 - "Child of Abraham"
3 - "Passage....."

Dana O.

Club Sex Voyeur

now I stay tuned..

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