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January 06, 2009


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Jonathan Gray

Feinstein is mad that Obama 'went behind her back' and selected an appointee to run the CIA without her input. The guy that she wanted is pro-patriot act, like her. Obama's guy is unambiguously anti-torture and anti-patriot act. This means a liberal can run against her and hold her support of torture and domestic spying against her. She becomes vulnerable to being Ned Lamond-ed. So she is supporting Burris as an F-U to Obama, as if he was ever going to appoint a pro-patriot act CIA head.

jelani c.

great points.

Kenneth Carroll

Look, they just need to seat ol boy with his 1950s librarian self. I just don't see how the law supports the democrats on this one. We know the game Blago and Burris are playing, but sometimes its important to concede a battle in order to win a war. Bruce Fein, the nerdy presidential historian also came out today and said the constitution does not allow Illinois or the Senate from seating dude. We live in interesting times.

Brian Gilmore

I think Feinstien believes that the Democrats need to get rid of the distraction. They have three seats now in confusion - Minnesota, New York, and Illinois. This is one way to get rid of one. Let the voters vote him out. Burris should be seated anyway; this is absurd. He might be on shaky ground but he should be seated. Word is, he will be seated once the deluge of black politicians make their rounds up on the hill. There will be thousands here this week too during the inaguation so I look for Reid and the crew to fold soon.

jelani c.

All this assumes that the Illinois Secy of State will validate the nomination. Burris has filed for a writ of mandamus to force the Secy to validate him but who knows how long that will take?

In the end, the Dems of Illinois can kiss that seat goodbye and I'm willing to wager that it will also make it far less likely that any Negro in the state has a shot at it in 2010 either.

Brian Gilmore

Truth is, there is no legal basis for the Secretary of State to not sign it. I don't think Burris has any shot at being re-elected but that's why the Dems should seat him. This notion that they need an electable Senator is crazy. Illinois is their turf now. Obama won like 85 percent of the vote when he ran. If Harry Reid and his crew say they will seat Burris, the secretary will stand down. I think they want that court ruling to cover their asses. Politics. The shit is foul.

Brian Gilmore

See, this is why the Secretary is jammed. Illinois state law in the case of Senators calls for an appointment by the governor. In the case of a representative, it calls for a special election. The governor takes those actions and then the secretary has a duty to sign off to get the process going. Gov. Blago not only named Burris as Obama's successor as he is legally able to do, he called for the special election. The secretary certifies the special election but does not certify the appointment. Cant do it. If you have the secretary of state of Illinois deciding which law they are going to obey, you have anarchy. I suspect the Supreme Court will say, you have no discretion here; it is your duty to sign the certification so we can get going. Burris will take office, become chairman of a committee that monitors the National Zoo's elephant cages, and life will go on. If the Supreme Court stands down and does nothing, that means Blago is really a hated person out there.

Mike Cronin

Hmm...I think supporting Burris is what the Obama camp wants at this point. Reid and Co. cannot deny Burris legally and so the rest is just noise that takes away from what the Obama transition team is doing and wants to press to focus on.

I see the Feinstien support of Burris as something she was required to do FOR Obama in return for the bonehead mispeak over Panetta. Just as I don't think the Obama team "forgot" to call her prior to the Panetta leak. Homegirl just got owned.

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