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January 09, 2009


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The hell?!

Did he have on a bow-tie?

Was it a dare, maybe?

Or maybe he's just light-skinded?

I'm so confused.


when I saw the comment in your facebook, i thought you were joking

as an avid eater of bean pies (no one in dayton sells them), i would have taken a picture and bought two...

holy smokes and gee whiz

west end atlanta

already hundreds of white people bought houses in Historic West End. I hope that those people will take care of this run down historic neighborhood. Check out new website atlantawestend.com

Kamasi Hill

LOL!! I don't even see bros from the Nation slanging bean pies anymore.

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So I think that next time I do this I would double the recipe, with the exception of the cheese, which I wound up only using half of.

Álvaro Martínez García

I`m Álvaro from Madrid,he is my friend from here too and we are selling bean pies together,for us was an oportunity because we can learn english and that was good for us.Almost every black people asked to us "are you muslam?" "you are white,you are not black" "why you sell bean pie???" for us was so funny,some body made a pic with us!!!


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