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December 23, 2008


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Julie Borders

So will it be Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, or something else...what's your preferred group dance, and will you be instigating at Inauguration?


This is going to be the *best* inauguration party *ever* Not only will no one show up for work on the 20th, they'll all be too hung over for work on the 21st as well.

Hopefully there'll even be celebrating in the streets of my town, one of the conservative bastions of California (seriously, my county went Bush both times) which did vote majority Obama.

Hail to Obama, the Funk-Soul Emperor. Good riddance to Bush II, the Child-Like Emperor.


As long as everyone avoids doing any moves that have anything to do with Soulja Boy we are all good.


It will happen.

jelani c.

I will not be instigating since I am the only black man in America who does not know how to do any of those group-line-up-and-dance things. (I don't know how to play spades either.) I try to make up for it by being extra black in other ways, like memorizing the entire text of Souls of Black Folk and singing ALL the stanzas of "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing."


I hate to break it to everyone, but I don't think PE-BHO can dance. Did you see him on Ellen? It was disheartening that he had no moves and bordered on lacking rhythm. The Electric Slide looks and is a horrible dance unless you have the chops to throw in a little extra shoulder here and there, and a bit more juice on the moves.

I'm just saying . . . I don't think he can pull it off and make it look cool.

jelani c.

Damn... since you had to go there. Well, no, he was not inspiring on Ellen. I think Michelle will have to hold it down for the administration.


Two thoughts: Barack was faking the funklessness on Ellen for the same reason that many black folk won't be seen eating watermelon outside of the "family," and Jelani, you can be forgiven for not knowing how to play Spades only if you know all the lyrics to Good Times.

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